Thursday, January 6, 2011

Flamenca 25

Designer: Oswald Berckemeyer
LOA: 7,62m (25’)
Displacement: Approx 1800 kgs
Rig: Masthead Sloop
Hull: GRP, Swept Fin Keel, Spade Rudder.
Builders: Mostly Nebe of Hout Bay, H Vink, other?Engine: Usually small outboard on stern bracket, some examples have a well, a few with small inboards
RCYC Club Handicap: 0.840, 0.880
Design Age: First drawn in late seventies

This pic happens to be of my own boat - a Flamenca 25 called Quest. Flammys (as they are often known) were designed by the late great Oswald Berckemeyer, a German national that lived in SA and in fact Hout Bay for many years. Most were built by the Nebes (Fritz and Gerfried), also of Hout Bay - so truly a local boat. Their big sister (though a fraction younger) is the more famous Muira at 32'. Flamencas are amongst the best learner boats available and very easy to single-hand. They are stable and safe in Cape Waters, and easily capable of righting themselves from a full knockdown. With their relatively small size, they aren't the fastest boats around, but certainly great fun to sail. Flammys are very sweet handling boats, capable in strong winds, and easily single-handed.
Most of the fleet lives in False Bay, but examples are found all over the country, and even a few across the ditch . . . It is believed that Berckemeyer drew the Flamenca to compete as an option to the (van de Stadt) Buccaneers, dominant in False Bay – a bold idea given the reputation of the Buccaneers. As such they became worthy contenders - and both classes are still active in FBYC today, with much ongoing rivalry. The “Garmin Flamenca Worlds” (no less!) are held annually now in the False Bay Spring Regatta.
Flamencas can be found from about R40-70k in good condition